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Updated June 2021

So you’ve decided you want to send a newsletter to help you connect with your readers. You’ve created a Mailchimp, Tinyletter (which is owned by Mailchimp), or MailerLite (what I use) account. You’ve taught yourself the software. You’re totally ready to do this.

Wait. You’re totally not

By Katie Rose Guest Pryal and Karrie Higgins

Alt Text: An old blue wooden door locked shut with a metal bolt and a metal padlock.

This month, physicist Stephen Hawking died. A brilliant scientist, he changed the face of science. And he was disabled: he was nearly fully paralyzed. He did a vast amount of his work with the help of assistive technology: a mobility chair, a…

Para-athlete sprinting on blade prosthetics at Rio Olympics in 2016. Are you inspired?

You’ve seen the images of inspiration porn, the posters or memes, a small child running with a leg prosthetic, with a inspo-phrase like, “The only thing stopping you is you,” or something equally gag-worthy.

The audience of these posters, these memes, is not disabled people. We know exactly how hard…

A.J. Finn is the author of the runaway bestselling thriller The Woman in the Window. His real name is Dan Mallory. He is also, according to a recent profile in The New Yorker magazine, a manipulative, scheming, liar.

The profile is partially an indictment of the publishing industry, which will…

A green field with a blue sky horizon in the distance.

Kelly and Katie, editors of DISABILITY ACTS, have been hard at work the past few weeks. Although DA has been quiet, we’ve been ducks, paddling hard under the water’s surface while things look placid above. (That’s such a great metaphor.)

We started small, just a couple of disabled writers +…

Two blue and gold birds sitting on a spiked branch. One bird’s beak is open wide, calling out.

**Submissions are currently closed while we review the ones we have received. When we open them again, we’ll note it here. Thank you to those who have submitted.**

DISABILITY ACTS, this magazine here, is looking for a few — 2, 3, maybe 4, columnists to write monthly columns for the…

The Diss(ability) Track logo with a graphic of a cassette tape and an image of an audio track. Credit: The Diss(ability) track via Soundcloud.

This week, we’re featuring a podcast out of the UK that you should know about.

The Diss(ability) Track is created by two disabled podcasters; they cover disabled issues in the UK—issues that are relevant to anyone interested in disability rights.

First we interview Wedaeli and Steph, and then we provide…

Update: March 2021

DISABILITY ACTS closed its doors in March of 2021.

As a fully volunteer-run magazine, we worked as long as we could to share the voices of disabled writers. We will keep the magazine online so that all of the important writing that we published will remain available.

The contributions we…

Co-author: Jillian Weise

Banner image of original Chronicle of Higher Education media modified and used under U.S. Fair Use Law. Alt Text: Artistic rendering of a woman draped in ivy and clutching a book to her chest. The heading “The Awakening: Women and Power in the Academy” appears at the bottom, and the banner of The Chronicle of Higher Education appears at the top. Atop this image, the original image of the Chronicle “The Awakening” piece, is a blue and white handicap symbol covering nearly one-quarter of the image.

Recently, the Chronicle of Higher Education published a massive, gorgeous, multi-vocal, intersectional, multimedia piece on gender, power, and the academy. Titled “The Awakening: Women and Power in the Academy,” the piece featured thirty-one authors and artists who contributed pieces on sexual harassment, sexual violence, gender oppression, and more.

The pieces…

Katie Rose Guest Pryal

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